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2001 National Style 1 Resophonic Guitar SOLD!

Price: CDN $2950
US Price: US $2349.29
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Class: Used
S/N: 669, built during 2001 at the National shop in San Luis Opisbo, California.
The National Style 1 resophonic tricone guitar hearkens back to the original, late 1920's National models. All of the early models were tri-cones - single cones were introduced later to reduce costs. The friction the change to single-cone models created within the company was enough to cause the Dopyera Brothers to leave National and form Dobro.


This is a 2001 National Style 1 example in good condition. It has been played, so there is some wear and a bit of natural nickel tarnish, but as you can see in the photos (especially of the back) the plating is in good shape and highly reflective.


As a 'vintage style' guitar, the National Style 1 features a 12-fret neck. 14-fret necks were introduced as banjos lost popularity to guitars; banjo players wanted the extra frets so necsk were extended. However, this does change the tone and 12-fret models tend to have more 'growl' and volume. This is no exception - this guitar roars, even without the Highlander pickup plugged in.


A hardshell case is included.


Learn more about the National Style 1 Tricone guitar at the National Guitars website!

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