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2001 Yamaha SA2200 Thinline Archtop (SOLD)

Price: CDN $1950
US Price: US $1552.92
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: HQ00061, built in 2001, 1991 or 1981.
The Yamaha SA2200 is a very high quality thinline archtop electric and is based on the classic Gibson ES-345 for design and trim levels. It is built at a Yamaha plant in Japan, and is a top-notch guitar suitable for professional use. Currently this model carries a US MSRP of $2,999.00.

The body is laminate maple with a solid maple center block; the neck is mahogany with a 13 3/4 inch radius ebony fingerboard and mother of pearl split block inlays. The scale length is 24.75 inches and the hardware is gold plated. To my hands, the neck is very comfortable; it's wide enough for complex fingerings but is not chunky. Few guitars of this construction are really light, but this one is in the low range and is well balanced.

This example of the Yamaha SA2200 is in extremely good condition. Its very light wear extends to slight fret wear, and some wear on the edges of the gold hardware where a palm might rest. The original case is included.

We're calling this guitar a 2001 model because of its condition. At the time this was built, Yamaha serial numbers repeated every 10 years, so it's possible it is from 1991 or 1981.

Visit the Yamaha website to learn more about the Yamaha SA2200 thinline electric!

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