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2003 Standel 25L15 Amplifier (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Price: CDN $3450
US Price: US $2747.47
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Class: Used
Weight: Heavy!
S/N: 43003A
If you're of a certain age and have heard classic American country and pop music, it's almost certain that you've heard Standel amplifiers. Standels were the amp of choice for players like Joe Maphis, Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Wes Montgomery, and Buddy Emmons. Standels are *the* classic amps for 1950s American recordings, but are very hard to come by.  

The Standel company is back, building to order, and we have here a Standel 25L15 amp, 25 watts with a 15 inch JBL D-130 speaker and was built during 2003 for Buddy Dughi of the Hot Rod Trio and other projects. It's beautifully hand build, and is extremely solid with top quality components everywhere.  

There are two amp sections, upper preamp and lower power amp. The upper preamp section features a lighted, personalized panel with input, volume, treble, bass controls and power switch. The lower power amp section features an XLR output with level control, extension speaker jacks, and jacks for other Standel amps or powered speakers.  

This amp is a rare wonder in excellent condition and sounds fantastic.  

Visit the Standel amplifier website here, to read more of their history!  

Visit Buddy Dughi's Hot Rod Trio website here!

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