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NO LONGER AVAILABLE! 2004 Allan Beardsell Model 4 G Quilted Maple Acoustic Guitar

Price: CDN $6250
US Price: US $4977.30
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 0069, built during 2004 at the Beardshell Guitar Workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Allan Beardsell runs the Beardsell Guitar Workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and produces higher end instruments like this 2004 Beardsell Model 4 G, with a pair of side ports. The ports address a long-standing but until lately unrecognised issue with acoustic guitars - when played, the sound projects outwards, which is helpful for everyone except the player. With the ports, the guitarist gets a good amount of sound aimed directly up.

The Beardsell Model 4G is a large body guitar, with a spruce top and wonderfully quilted maple back and sides. The neck is mahogany with ebony for the fingerboard and bridge. The back has unusual radial bracing and the top uses an X-brace system. A Laskin Arm Rest is used to add comfort. This guitar is in good condition, and the dual sound ports definitely give it a high degree of presence to the player. A TKL hardshell case is included. This unusual instrument is very much worth checking out!

Visit the Beardsell Guitar Workshoip website to learn more about these outstanding instruments!

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