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2004 Collings D2H MH Dreadnought Steel String Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $3250
US Price: US $2588.20
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 9440, built during 2004 at the Collings shop in Austin, Texas.
The Collings D2H is based on a very well proven design - the 14-fret, square shouldered dreadnought steel string guitar. While Collings isn't remotely the only company to make these, their rendering of the design brings tonal clarity and separation to the warmth and depth with this body style.

Built during 2004 at the Collings shop in Austin, Texas, this Collings D2H Mh with Mahogany back and sides is a treat to play. The build and finish quality is as excellent as you'd expect from Collings, it plays very cleanly and the tone is rich, clear, crisp and full. A K and K Pure Mini with volume control has been added.

This guitar has light fret wear and a few small marks - it has actually been played over the last 12 years, but it's been cared for. The original Collings hardshell case is included.

Visit the Collings website to read more about the Collings D2H dreadnought guitar!

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