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2004 National Reso-Phonic Style 0 SOLD

Price: CDN $1950
US Price: US $1552.92
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 1833, built in San Luis Opisbo, California.
Though the name of the National Reso-phonic Style 0 might hint that it was the first reso-phonic model, tricones were first. The Style 0 recreates the earliest single cone models that appeared in the 1930's. Tri-cone models were successful but were more expensive to produce than single cone instruments.  

Built in November 2004, this National Reso-Phonic Style 0 has all the quality and tone expected of a National. It does have a dent in the lower treble bout but is in otherwise good condition with light fret wear.  

This guitar is being sold with its original Datt hard-shell case, built in Vancouver.  

Visit the National Reso-Phonic website to read more about the classic National Style 0 guitar!

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