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2005 Eastman AR810CE Archtop SOLD

Price: CDN $1999
US Price: US $1591.94
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 819
The Eastman AR810CE is a full body, 17 inch wide archtop with a hand carved solid spruce top, hand carved maple back, and solid maple for the sides and neck. The fingerboard, bridge, headplate, pickguard and tailpiece top are ebony and the pickup is by Kent Armstrong.

Built in 2005, this Eastman 810CE is in very good condition with light fret wear.

The scale length is 25 inches and nut width is 1.75 inches. The tuners on this older model are gold plated Jinko machines with Grover Imperial style deco stairstep buttons.

The original black fibre molded case is included.

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