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2005 Fender Telecaster Custom Crafted In Japan Left Handed SOLD

Price: CDN $700
US Price: US $557.46
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: R036533, built at the Fiji-Gen plant in 2004 or 2005
From the late 1970's, like most North American producers, Fender was feeling pressure from Japanese guitar builders, whose production quality had risen dramatically and sometimes exceeded those of North American firms, but at much lower cost. So, in 1982, Fender opened a partnership with Japanese builders, and the first models came from the FujiGen plant.

This left handed, 2005 Fender Telecaster Custom Crafted In Japan model illustrates the result - high quality instruments at lower prices. The 'Crafted in Japan' with the serial nunmber indicates that it was made after 1992, by Dyna or Tokai; the original contract with FujiGen dictated that the original 'Made in Japan' would change if there was a change in factory.

This guitar is in good working condition. It's been modified somewhat over the years, with a pickup change - the bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan and the neck is the stock Fender Wide-Range pickup. There is some play wear; this guitar has been used as intended.

A hardshell fabric-covered case is included.

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