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NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! 2005 Gibson Les Paul Supreme White

Price: CDN $3000
US Price: US $2389.11
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Class: Used
S/N: 022350360, dates to August 11, 2005 at the Gibson Nashville plant.
The Gibson Les Paul Supreme sites at the top of the heap for the Gibson Les Paul line, with a chambered mahogany core and carved maple top and back. While it is based on the traditional Les Paul design it has a number of tasteful improvements.


The chambered mahogany center provides warmth, with weight relief, and the carved maple top and back add crisp highs with the feel of an archtop. The binding is five-layer, and the ebony fingerboard features mother of pearl split-block positon markers. A custom 'globe' coloured shell inlay on the headstock sports a mother of pearl banner with 'Supreme' etched in it. The pickups are a Gibson 490R and 490T set. The white finish is in great condtion, and it is developing a lovely yellowish patina, as Gibsons do.


This example dates to August 11th, 2005 and was built at the Gibson Nashville plant. it is in original condition with a small Canadian flag pin added to the upper boiut by the pickup switch. There is minor wear or tarnish to the hardware gold plating on the bass side of the bridge. The guitar is currently strung with light guage flatwounds, likely by Thomastic Infeld, and plays very well. The original case is included.


For those wondering about how Les Paul Supreme electronics are serviced, since there is no backplate or F-holes - if you look, you'll see that the output jack plate is oversized, and it covers an access hole big enough to pull out the wiring. The pickups themselves are installed from the top, with the wiring fed down through this access hole.


Learn more about the current Gibson Les Paul Supreme at the Gibson Guitars website!

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