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2005 Gibson RB-250 Mastertone Banjo (SOLD)

Price: CDN $3150
US Price: US $2508.56
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 2500504, built during 2005. At this point most of these were built for Gibson in Lousiville, Kentucky, USA.
For decades, banjos like the Gibson RB-250 Mastertone were the gold standard for bluegrass and country banjo players. This 2005 RB-250 model is one of the last Gibson produced; not long afterwards, Gibson stopped making this model, and the Nashville flood caused so much damage to the Gibson Banjo shop that they've never restarted it.

There's a little known bit of information about these banjos. By this time, Gibson was sourcing many banjo parts from the Sullivan Brothers in Louisville, Kentucky. The Sullivans now operate as the Sullivan Banjo Company.

This 2005 Gibson RB-250 Mastertone banjo is in good condition with a new head. It's had a fret dress and complete setup by Grant MacNeill here at The Twelfth Fret. It plays very well, and is sold with its original Gibson hardshell case.

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