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2005 Gretsch G5128 Electromatic Archtop Electric (SOLD)

Price: CDN $825
US Price: US $657.00
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: KS505032273, dates to 2005 and built at the Korean Samick plant.
Presenting the subtle, understated Gretsch G5128!

The Gretsch G5128 Electromatic archtop appeared in 2005, as part of a new line of archtops based on earlier Gretsch designs and carrying deArmond 2000 pickups and Bigsby tailpieces. This line came in a number of finishes - the G5125 was all black, the G5126 was silver sparkle, the G5127 was blue, the G5128 gold sparkle, and the G5129 red. The non-black top guitars all had dark shaded back, sides and neck. Many used the original aluminum Bigsby bridges. Many were built in the Korean Samick factory, others by Peerless, to Gretsch specifications. This example is from the Samick facility.

These guitars were discontinued within two years, with the G5120 line carrying on with improved pickups and upgraded details, including bound F-holes. The line is now designated as G5420, with the G5422 having a thinner, double cutaway body. Prices for the newer versions start around $1300 Canadian dollars.

These are very good guitars, with good build quality and sound. They have often been targets of various upgrades, but few are needed.

This 2005 Gretsch G5128 has one key upgrade; the bridge, originally an aluminum Bigsby non-adjustable unit, has been replaced with a tune-o-matic style adjustable bridge on an ebony base. This doesn't modify the guitar itself, but definitely improves the tone and tuning. Otherwise, it is in very good condition and comes with a Seagull gig bag. Quality Hard-shell cases are available.

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