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2005 Hamer Custom Slammer SLMK SOLD

Price: CDN $2250
US Price: US $1791.83
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: S54318 - 09 Dates to 2005 and number 9 of 10 built at Hamer's USA plant in New Hartford, Connecticut
There are a number of Hamer Custom guitars, and they tended to have been built in small batches. This Hamer Custom Slammer SLMK, number 9 of a batch of 10, was built during 2005 at the Hamer Custom shop in New Hartford, Connecticut.

This guitar features a body and neck of Korina, or African Limba wood, rosewood fingerboard, and an ivoroid bound fingerboard and headstock. The original Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90s were removed and Joe Barden P-90s were installed. The Tone Pros Kluson replica tuners are original. A pair of Lollar P-90 pickups are included in the original Hamer arched top hard shell case. Here's what Hamer had to say about this guitar:

"Hamer's latest addition to the Designer Gallery is actually a pair of models; the single pickup Hamer Custom Slammer SLME and the two pickup Custom Slammer SLMK. We wanted to create a short run of African Limba guitars that were simple, to the point yet complex when studied in detail. In short, you can't judge this book by its cover—as good looking as the cover may be.

Like its sister, the Custom Slammer SLME, the Hamer Custom Slammer SLMK is a lean mean machine, full of tone and surprisingly versatile. The use of two Antiquity P-90s in a guitars/customshop voicing gives this version even more bandwidth. You will be pleasantly surprised how these guitars possess a remarkably open, and generally more versatile tone than you would expect from a P-90 equipped instrument. Most guitars have tone controls that are worthless, but the famous Hamer tone circuit will make a believer out of you."

Visit the Hamer website to learn more about the Hamer Custom line!

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