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2005 Kamaka HF-2 Concert Ukulele (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Price: CDN $1050
US Price: US $836.19
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 051991, dated to July 15 2005.
The Kamaka HF-2 Concert Ukulele is one of nine models Kamaka Ukulele builds. Founded in 1919, Kamaka is the top Ukukele builder in Hawaii and has remained a family business.

Dating to July 15, 2005, this Kamaka HF-2 concert uke is in excellent original condition and includes a hardshell violin-type case. As a Concert model, it has a 15 inch scale length and an overall length of 23.5 inches. Its gloss finish has settled naturally, and has no dents or scratches.

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