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SOLD!!! 2005 Polytone Mini-Brute II Jazz Guitar Amplifier

Price: CDN $599
US Price: US $477.02
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 30374, built during 2005
The Polytone Mini-Brute line has been a very popular amp for working jazz musicians, whose needs are somewhat different than rock guitarists. Clean tone with good volume levels and portability are highly valued. Polytone amps were among the first to really deliver on this, providing lots of clean transistor power (110 watts in this case) into a box not much bigger than the 12 inch speaker it carries. And, it's not very heavy at 26 pounds.

These amps were favoured by many top players including Joe Pass, George Benson, Howard Alden and many more.

This Polytone Mini-Brute II dates to 2005 and is in good, all original condition. There is some scuffing and light tear on the Tolex covering at the edges - usual wear areas. A Polytone amp cover is included.

Visit the Polytone website to learn more about the Polytone Mini-Brute II!

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