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2006 Eastman ER2 El Rey Thinline Archtop (SOLD)

Price: CDN $1500
US Price: US $1194.55
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Class: Used
S/N: N/A, built during 2006, an early example of the Eastman ER2 El Ray.
Introduced in 2006, the Eastman ER2 El Ray represents a collaboration between Eastman Strings and Otto D'Ambrosio, who has built since starting with the Mandolin Brothers shop at the age of 13.  

In creating the Eastman ER2 El Ray, Otto D'Ambrosio chose to put the largest mass at the neck block to emphasise sustain and build the rest lightly for resonance. The ER2 El Ray produces a full archtop sound from a smaller, much lighter body. Otherwise it has a relatively typical archtop construction - spruce top, flame maple back, sides and neck, and ebony for the fingerboard, bridge base, and tailpiece cover. It has two humbucking pickups with standard wiring, and the metal hardware is gold plated. The scale length is 25 inches, and the finish is nitrocellulose lacquer.  

This is an early example of the Eastman ER2 El Ray. It bears no serial number but was built around 2006. This guitar has been used as intended - played by a working musician on stage and in studios - and it has an amount of finish wear on the cutaway where the sides meet the top and back, plus expected play wear marks on the top and back. It plays very cleanly, and the light weight and compact size make it very comfortabel. A grey molded fibre case is included.  

Visit the Eastman Guitars website to learn more about the Eastman ER2 El Rey Thinline Archtop Guitar!  

Visit the website of Otto D'Ambrosio guitars and read Otto D'Ambrosio's comments on the design of the El Ray!

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