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2006 Fender American Vintage ‘Custom Telecaster’ Surf Green SOLD

Price: CDN $1250
US Price: US $995.46
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: V156236, neck date is Feb 15 2006
The Made in USA Fender American Vintage series reproduces key instruments, in this case the 1962 Fender 'Custom Telecaster' in a Surf Green finish. As a Telecaster Custom, the body is bound, and as a 1962 reissue, the neck is a medium C profile with rosewood fingerboard.

This example was completed in 2006. The neck date is FEB 16 2006, and the body date is APR 01 2005. The serial number sequence, a V with six digits, was used in multiple years so dating requires looking at the date stamps.

This guitar is in excellent condition, and still has the plastic and Made in USA flag logo on the pickguard. There's virtually no fret wear or finish scuffing.

I like this guitar a lot. It's very comfortable, and plays and sounds great. And as a Telecaster, it is extremely versatile and fits into many musical contexts.

The original brown Fender hardshell case is included.

Click here to visit the Fender website and read about the current American Vintage series Telecasters!

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