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SOLD!!! 2006 Fender Telecaster Custom 1962 Reissue with Bigsby, CIJ

Price: CDN $900
US Price: US $716.73
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: R0228777, built during 2006 for Fender Japan by Tokai Gakki in Hamamatsu City, Japan.
Fender introduced the Telecaster Custom for the 1959 model year, sporting the new Rosewood fingerboard and a body with top and back binding. The 1962 version has been reissued a few times.

This is a Fender Telecaster Custom 1962 Reissue with factory Bigsby, built around 2006 for the Japanese market by Tokai Gakki in Hamamatsu City. Until 1997, Fender Japan had their guitars built by FujiGen Gakki, and these were marked Made In Japan. After 1997, Tokai and Dyna assumed production and the marking changed to Crafted In Japan, with the instruments intended for the Japanese market, not for export. All are excellent quality instruments.

This guitar is in overall good condition, with little play wear but a few small pressure marks on the back and top. The neck profile is typical of the 1962 model year - somewhat wider, with a C profile and without the chunkiness of 1950s models. The Bigsby works nicely, and is adjusted to allow some subtlety in the pitch change (this is mostly done by adjusting the tightess of the nut and spring holding the arm to its bracket). Overall, this is a very good reproduction of the 1962 Telecaster Custom at a reasonable price. A teardrop hardshell case is included.

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