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SOLD!!! 2006 Gibson L7-C Acoustic Archtop Guitar

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US Price: US $2986.38
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Class: Used
S/N: 01526001, dating to June 1 2006, production number 1, at the Gibson Acoustic plant in Bozeman Montana.
Orville Gibson basically invented the modern mandolin and archtop guitar styles, and the Gibson L7-C is the natural outcome of that design. Taking cues from centuries of violin family builders, Gibson found that using an arched rather than flat top gave his instruments dramatically improved volume, projection and strength. The concept was very successful and for decades nearly all professional guitarists in ensembles used archtops - until amplification overcame the limits of acoustic levels.

This Gibson L7-C archtop acoustic guitar dates to June 1, 2006 and was built at the Gibson Acoustic custom shop in Bozeman, Montana, at that time under the supervision of Ren Ferguson. It is in excellent condition, with very little wear. Its nitrocellulose lacquer finish is in nice condition, without checking but it is experiencing its natural sinking. This instrument is fully acoustic, and has no pickup at all. The original hardshell case is included.

Read more about the Gibson L7-C acoustic archtop at the Gibson Guitars website!

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