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2006 Gibson Sheryl Crow Steel Signature Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $2500
US Price: US $1990.92
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Class: Used
S/N: 00326049, built February 1, 2006 at the Gibson Acoustic shop in Bozeman, Montana.
The Gibson Sheryl Crow Signature model is based on her 1962 Gibson Country Western model, which she'd been touring and recording with for years. Concerned that it should be protected, she approached Gibson for a replacement - and they responded with the Sheryl Crow Signature model.


The Gibson Country Western model was originally named the SJN, or Southern Jumbo Natural and was a slope-shoulder dreadnought. Apparently to aid marketing the guitar in the southern states, around 1955 it was renamed the Country Western. In 1962, along with the J-45, it became a square-shouldered model and was finally discontinued in 1977.


The Gibson Sheryl Crow Signature model is based on Crow's 1962 Country Western, but it has some influences from the Gibson Hummingbird design. The shoulders are a little wider and squarer and the top is radiused for better expression and projection. It features a Sitka Spruce top and Mahogany for the back, sides and neck. The fingerboard and bridge are rosewood and it has a stock L R Baggs pickup system.


This guitar is in very good condition with just a little play wear, mostly a few small marks on the back. It sounds great, and plays very well. It's an excellent guitar for accompanying a voice. The original Gibson hardshell case is included.


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