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2006 National Radio-Tone Bendaway SOLD

Price: CDN $2350
US Price: US $1871.47
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 11699, dated April 2006 from the National shop in San Luis Opisbo, California.
The National Radio-Tone Bendaway was one of the first models offered by the then-new National Reso-Phonic company. With a single cone and a single cutaway wooden body, the Radio-Tone has a complex treble and a tightly defined bass.  

This example dates to April 2006 and is in physically very good condition with light wear and a few marks on the nickel plating. More importantly, it was very recently serviced by The Twelfth Fret repair shop and is in excellent playing condition. It also has a National thinline pickup installed so it's ready to plug in and be as loud as is needed!  

The original National hardshell case is included.  

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