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SOLD!!! 2007 Gibson SJ-200 Elite Sunburst Steel String Acoustic

Price: CDN $3500
US Price: US $2787.29
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Class: Used
S/N: 02287018, dates to August 16th, 2007 at the Gibson Custom Shop in Bozeman, Montana.
I could sit and play this 2007 Gibson SJ-200 Elite all day - it looks just great, has a very comfortable feel both in terms of the body and the action, and it sounds wonderful. It is in exceptional, all original condition.

The Gibson SJ-200 Elite was built between 1998 and 2007 at the Gibson Acoustic Custom Shop in Bozeman, Montana under the leadership of Ren Ferguson. Many very high quality instruments came out of that shop, and continue to do so.

Based on the traditional Gibson SJ-200 introduced in 1946 (and re-named J-200 after 1954) the Gibson SJ-200 Elite has the same jumbo body design with Sitka Spruce top, Flamed Maple back, sides and neck, bound head, bound ebony fingerboard, and ebony 'moustache' cutout bridge. Of course, it has the characteristic hand-painted pickguard - at the Gibson shop, there is one employee tasked with hand-painting all the pickguards. The crown position markers, rosette and bridge inlays are all coloured shell - Abalone or Puau. Metal parts are gold plated, and I particularly like the Grover Imperial tuners with deco buttons. As an acknowlegment of modern times, an L. R. Baggs pickup system is installed with the controls tucked under the bass side of the soundhole.

The original hardshell case is included. There is a bit of dust on the case, but it is in as good condition as the guitar, and includes the original Gibson pamphlets and inspection card. NOTE: The final inspection card in the case has a date of 9/11/07, September 11 2007, but the serial number specifies the 228th day of 2007 which is August 16, 2007.

Click Here for a feature on the birthplace of this Gibson SJ-200 Elite - The Gibson Acoustic shop in Bozeman, Montana.

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