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SOLD!! 2007 James Tyler Classic Hollow in Blue

Class: Used
S/N: N/A, built during 2007 at the James Tyler shop in Los Angeles, California.
The James Tyler Classic Hollow is a familiar looking guitar, but it has personal touches that make it stand out. James Tyler has built in the Los Angeles area since the mid 1970's and is currently working from San Fernando.

This James Tyler Classic Hollow dates to 2007 and is in very good condition. It's got a familiar body style and pickup layout, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard with rolled edges, and a built in boost. There's a battery access panel on the back, a small button to engage the boost near the pickup selector, and the black knob in the middle is the boost level. The body is 'hollow' and the guitar is exceptionally light, in the range of a Telecaster Thinline, and has a light contour on the back. The finish is a very nicely done metallic blue, and it's in good condition with just a few light marks. A rectangular hardshell case is included; however, the trem arm is missing.

Visit the James Tyler Classic webpage for more details on this guitar!

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