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NO LONGER AVAILABLE! 2007 Yamaha SG-2000 Sunburst

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Class: Used
S/N: QN0021E, dates to August 2007 at a Yamaha plant in Japan.
The Yamaha SG-2000 appeared in 1976, and for a couple of years was often seen in the hands of Carlos Santana. Santana's involvement with Yamaha ended in the early 1980s, but the guitar remained in production well into the 2000's. The SG-2000 is a fully professional grade instrument, and has tonal similarities to other guitars with maple caps on mahogany backs, such as the Gibson Les Paul. These instruments are known for having lots of sustain and separation. To aid these, the bridge is mounted to a metal block that's inset into the maple top.

In 1980, due to copyright action filed by Gibson over the use of the term 'SG', the name was changed to SBG-2000 for models sold in the USA. However, for models sold in Japan, the name SG2000 was retained.

This example was built during August of 2007 at a Yamaha plant in Japan, and is in excellent condition with little wear of any kind. The sunburst finish is very nicely done and the workmanship is clean and tight. The neck has a fairly full profile, and the frets have little to no wear. The original brown hard-shell case is included.

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