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2008 Collings CJ MhA Adirondack Mahogany Jumbo Short Scale SOLD

Price: CDN $4995
US Price: US $3977.86
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Class: Used
S/N: 15598
It's always a treat to play a Collings guitar and this 2008 Collings CJ MhA is no exception. It is Full and rich with huge top, bottom and everything in between, exceptionally well built and finished, and well set up.

This guitar's full model name of Collings CJMhASSSB indicates alll the options it was built with - it's a Collings Jumbo (CJ) with Mahogany back, sides and neck (Mh), Adirondack Spruce top (A), it's a short scale (SS) and has a sunburst finish (SB). it has all the Deluxe features including the distinctive, bound Collings 'Haircut' headstock shape.

This guitar is in excellent condition with very light wear. The original case is included.

Visit the Collings Guitars website to learn more about the Collings CJ MH!

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