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SOLD!!! 2008 Fender Custom Shop Danny Gatton Telecaster, Frost Gold

Price: CDN $3800
US Price: US $3026.20
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: CZ509980, built during 2008 at the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, California.
The late Danny Gatton was generally acknowledged as one of the masters of the Telecaster. He normally played a customized 1950's model, reproduced here by the Fender Custom Shop. The customization includes elements like a pair of Bill Lawrence dual-rail humbucking pickups, a bent pickup selector, cubic zirconium side markers for visibility on dark stages, a special cut-out bridge, and a 'frost gold' nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Danny Gatton's signature is also reproduced on the front of the headstock.

This example dates to 2008, and is in as close to mint as you're likely to see, having been mostly left it in its case. The original Custom Shop certificates are included in the case. The neck has a pronounced birds-eye figure, and a 'chunky' 1950's profile. The bent pickup selector is a surprising improvement. Often on stock Telecaster, the selector knob is a bit tricky to catch in a hurry, but it's much more accessible when bent over.

Pop by the Fender USA Custom Shop website to read more about the Danny Gatton Signature Telecaster!

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