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2008 Genz-Benz Shenandoah ProLT Acoustic Amplifier SOLD

Price: CDN $675
US Price: US $537.55
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 0806474
The Genz-Benz Shenandoah ProLT is a fairly high-powered (300 watts!) yet lightweight (37 pounds) acoustic amplifier with a 12 inch speaker and tweeter. It's a Class D amp with a transistor power section and a 12AX7A tube based preamp, and the 300 watt power section gives it plenty of headroom so it stays clean at higher volumes. Digital effects including delay, reverb and modulation are included and are selectable for each channel. There's also an effects loop accessible from the rear panel should you need more.

Built in 2008, this Genz-Benz Shenandoah ProLT is in great condition. I have to say that it is surprisingly light for its size (especially considering that I took photos of a Mesa Boogie 300-series head just before this, which has probably twice the weight of the Shenandoah).

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