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2008 Gibson Robot SG Special SOLD

Price: CDN $1000
US Price: US $796.37
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Class: Used
S/N: 020681359
The Gibson Robot SG Special, now discontinued, was one of Gibson's first production guitars to feature the Tronical robotic tuner system. A similar system is now standard on many Gibson models.

This early Gibson Robot SG Special was built in 2008; production ended in 2012. It's in very good shape all around, with very light fret wear and very light finish wear on the back. The case is in even better condition. The original charger and one battery pack are included.

This guitar is entirely stock and in original condition. The neck pickup is a Gibson 490R, and the bridge pickup a 498T. These did not feature pickup covers. The bridge and tailpiece are part of the robotic tuning setup and have connectors leading into the guitar body and the tuning system's CPU. The treble tone control doubles as the master control for the tuning system; pull it out and the tuning and charging functions are available.

Visit the Gibson Guitars website and learn more about the Gibson Robot SG Special

Here's a link to the manual for the Gibson Robot SG Special and how the Tronical tuners work!

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