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2008 Victor Baker Custom 16 Thinline Archtop SOLD

Price: CDN $4300
US Price: US $3424.38
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Class: Used
S/N: 190
Victor Baker has become very well known for high quality guitars; so much so that he was offered, and has taken the opportunity to recreate several classic D'Angelico archtop guitars, at the request of the D'Angelico company. During this exciting time, production of his other guitars has been suspended.

This Victor Baker Custom 16 archtop from 2008 features a hollowed, solid 16 inch wide mahogany body with a carved back, and a carved Sitka Spruce top and is from the Victor Baker guitar shop in New York City. The control access plate is held in place with magnets - no screws! The neck is mahogany with ebony for the fingerboard and headplate. The scale length is 25 inches.

This guitar is in pristine condition with original case.

Learn more about Victor Baker's guitars at the Victor Baker website!

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