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SOLD! 2009 Gibson ES-330 L Custom Shop Beale Street Blue

Price: CDN $1850
US Price: US $1473.28
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: CS96996, built during 2009 at the Gibson Memphis shop.
The Gibson ES-330 and its sister model, the Epiphone Casino, were very popular during the 1960's; their light weight and close set neck made them very comfortable, responsive instruments.

On the earliest models, the neck joined the body at the 17th fret, but by the later 1960s and on this example, the joint is at the 19th fret, making for a more accessible playing surface. This is a Gibson ES-330 L (though the label does not include the L), built during 2009 at the Gibson Memphis Custom shop. It sports a lovely Beale Street Blue translucent nitrocellulose lacquer finish and block position markers. It is in very nice condition with only minor wear. The original case is not included, but we're including a new case from Gibson's Canadian distributor.

Visit the Gibson Guitars website to learn more about the current Gibson ES-330 models!

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