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2009 PRS McCarty Archtop Sunburst SOLD

Price: CDN $1999.99
US Price: US $1592.73
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Class: Used
S/N: 09 146593, built during early 2009 at the PRS shop in Stevensville, Maryland.
The PRS McCarty Archtop appeared in 1998 based on designs by PRS master luthier Joe Knaggs, who liked playing jazz but didn't find traditional big bodied guitars like the Gibson L-5 or Super 400 comfortable. The McCarty Archtop uses the characteristic PRS double cut body shape, but with a full depth mahogany body and carved spruce top.

This sunburst PRS McCarty Archtop dates to 2009 and based on its serial number was likely built in the first part of January. It has a 'wide fat' neck, and the original Archtop pickups were replaced with 57/08 pickups (the originals are in the case) and coil tap switches were added. This work was done at PRS. There is also a piezo pickup in the bridge, and there's a separate output for it and the battery access for its preamp on the jack plate. The back of the headstock carries a Paul Reed Smith signature.

This guitar is in very good condition and comes with the original case - the case has seen some travel but is in very good mechanical condition.

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