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2009 Rock N Roll Relic ‘Tele’ Inca Silver SOLD

Price: CDN $1500
US Price: US $1194.55
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
Weight: 6.8 lbs
S/N: N/A, built during 2009 in Los Angeles, California.
Rock N Roll Relics was founded by Billy Rowe, long a fixture on the L A rock scene. His activities in bands led directly to creating instruments like this relic'ed Inca Silver Tele style guitar.  

Intended to evoke a heavily used early 1960's telecaster with 'slab' rosewood fingerboard, this instument is actually in excellent condition though that term seems odd for a relic style treatment. While the finish and body contours appear to show heavy use, the fingerboard and frets are almost wear free. This makes for a great playing guitar with a heavy vintage vibe.  

The body is likely a light ash, with a relic-treated Inca Silver finish. The neck (not a Fender product) is a traditional maple with slab rosewood fingerboard, and has a worn finish. The basic finish material is nitrocellulose lacquer.  

The pickups are likely by David Allen. Tuners are vintage Kluson style, and the bridge is a Fender unit with three brass saddles.  

A creme Fender style case by G&G is included.  

Visit the Rock N Roll Relic website here!  

Visit the David Allen Pickups website here!

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