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2010 Alhambra 5P CWX Cutaway Crossover Classical Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $770
US Price: US $613.20
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
Alhambra is one of the largest guitar builders in Spain. This 2010 Alhambra 5P CWX Cutaway Crossover is built with a solid Red Cedar top and laminate Indian Rosewood back and sides, with mahogany for the neck and ebony for the fingerboard. As a Crossover model, the fingerboard has a radius, just as steel string guitars do. With the cutaway, this makes this design ideally suited to guitarists looking to explore the incredible tonal and expressive potential of nylon strings. This example is in very good condition with a couple of small dents in the top. A hardshell case is included.

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