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2010 C. F. Martin D-28 Marquis SOLD

Price: CDN $3699
US Price: US $2945.77
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Class: Used
S/N: 1411966
The C. F. Martin D-28 Marquis is based on 'Golden Era' Martin guitars - those made between 1930 and 1940, but recognises modern realities - the sides and back are Indian Rosewood, instead of Brazilian.

As well, there are two other an important construction differences - the neck has an adjustable truss rod and the pickguard is affixed to the finish, rather than the top. Older Martins with the pickguard glued to the top typically have top cracks near the fingerboard where the pickguard and top moved at different rates, and the simple solution of adding the pickguard to the finish prevents this.

This 2010 example of the Martin D-28 Marquis is in good condition. It has a few minor marks and light fret wear, which means that it's been played in to a decent degree and tonally is opening up nicely.

The original Martin case is included.

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