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2010 Fender Blues Junior Amplifier (SOLD)

Price: CDN $500
US Price: US $398.18
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
Weight: 15kg
S/N: B-443903
Introduced in 1995, the Fender Blues Junior is an extremely useful, versatile and really good sounding tube amplifier. It's based around a 12-inch speaker, a 15-watt tube amp section with master volume and a 'fat' switch.

The Fender Blues Junior is one of my favourite amps. At 15 watts, it's got enough power to be fairly loud, but with the master and channel volume, you can get down to late-night-apartment sound levels. The 12-inch speaker provides a full, warm tone with the top end well represented, and the three-range tone controls give lots of variation. The Fat switch really fills it out, and a simple latching on/off footswitch (not included) can be used to remotely control it. And at around 31 pounds, it's quite portable.

For more details, here's a link to the Fender Blues Junior owner's manual!

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