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NO LONGER AVAILABLE! 2010 Fender Nocaster Custom Shop Relic

Price: CDN $5500
US Price: US $4380.03
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: nc28
Introduced in the closing days of the 1940's, the guitar that became the Fender Telecaster was got a lot of attention right away.

Unfortunately, some of that attention was in the form of a trademark infringement notice in 1951; Leo Fender first named this guitar the 'Broadcaster', and it turned out that the Gretsch company was using that name for a line of drums.

In order to keep building and not spend a lot of money or waste materials, Leo took the simple act of clipping the headstock decals so they didn't say 'Broadcaster'. These were used until the guitar was renamed 'Telecaster' and new decals were prepared.

The few very early Telecasters with shortened, non-infringing decals are now known as 'Nocasters'. It's likely that fewer than 500 were produced, and they are otherwise identical to the Telecasters that followed them.

In 2010, the Fender Custom Shop produced a limited edition of 60 Fender Nocaster relic guitars. The instrument listed here is number 28 of 60. It is in excellent condition with original case, and features an original style ash body with butterscotch finish, and maple neck. The neck has quite a full profile, and the fingerboard finish is worn in the relic fasion, but there is no real fretwear.

These models sell new for around $8500 Canadian or approximately $6,800 US dollars (depending on exchange rates)

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