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NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! 2010 Gibson BB King Lucille Thinline Archtop Electric Guitar

Price: CDN $2800
US Price: US $2229.83
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Class: Used
S/N: 10040714, dates to January 4 2010 at the Gibson plant in Nashville, Tennessee.
Built to meet the needs of a very seasoned, constantly touring professional, the Gibson BB King Lucille is one of the most recognizable guitars ever built.

BB King and his band performed thousands of shows and dealt with the realities of a modern stage - volume is necessary and archtops have a distinct tone, but feedback is not desirable. The Gibson BB King Lucille addresses this by removing the soundholes, but still chambering the body for resonance and weight. The controls and wiring are accessed through a panel on the back.

The Gibson BB King Lucille is based on the Gibson ES-355 design and appointments, so it has the full width, maple laminate thinline body in black finish with white binding, 3-piece maple neck with ebony fingerboard and mother of pearl block marker inlays, plus the B B King and crown inlay on the headstock and a brass truss rod cover with Lucille engraved. All the metal parts are gold plated, with Gibson 490R and 490T pickups and a Schaller fine-tuning tailpiece. Of course, it has the six-position Varitone circuit and is wired in Stereo - if desired, each pickup can go to a separate amplifier, or if used by itself the mono jack works in the normal fashion. It was B B King's practice to turn his amplifiers up all the way and control the volume from the guitar.

This guitar has been used as intended, so it's got some wear and a few dings and dents. The original hardshell case, with signature, is included.

Visit the Gibson Guitars website to learn more about the current Gibson BB King Lucille models!

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