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2010 Gibson Hummingbird Steel String Acoustic (SOLD)

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S/N: 11610002, dates to June 10, 2010 at Bozeman, Montana.
Introduced in 1960 and produced since then, the classic Gibson Hummingbird was one of Gibson's first dreadnought guitars with square, instead of slope shoulders. By the middle of the 1960's, most of the other Gibson dreadnought models followed this shift.  

An immediate hit, the Gibson Hummingbird is immediately recognisable with its hand-painted pickguard. These are painted by one Gibson staff member, one at a time. These painted pickguards are relatively heavy, and provide what Gibson calls a 'natural compression'. The body is a full size, square shoulder dreadnought,k with spruce top, mahogany for the back, sides and neck, and rosewood for the bound fingerboard and bridge. The Gibson logo and leaf, and the split parallelogram position markers are Mother of Pearl.  

The Gibson Hummingbird appears on many recordings, and for good reason; it's a really good sounding guitar. Even when recorded experimentally - the guitar part on the Rolling Stones 'Street Fightin Man' is a Hummingbird overdriving a portable tape recorder - it has a rich sound, and is easily placed in a mix.  

This example of a modern Gibson Hummingbird dates to June 10, 2010 and was built in Bozeman, Montana under the supervision of Ren Ferguson. It is in overall good condition - the pickguard is lifting somewhat - and sounds very good. It has the classic, warm and full Gibson sound that calls for an accompanying voice. It plays cleanly and well, and as with most modern Gibsons is equipped as stock with an L R Baggs Element pickup system. The original hardshell case is included.  

Visit the Gibson Guitar website to learn more about the current Gibson Hummingbird!

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