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NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! 2010 Joseph Hart OO Cherry 7 Guitar

Price: CDN $1800
US Price: US $1433.46
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Class: Used
S/N: 019, built in Embrun, Ontario for the 2010 Montreal Guitar Show,
The 2010 Hart OO Cherry 7 guitar was built in Embrun, Ontario at Joseph Hart's shop, as part of a group project conceived at the 2009 Montreal Guitar Show. Marc Saumier had the idea that a group of luthiers would build a set of guitars from a set of trees near Saumier's workshop in Kingsbury, Quebec. Most of the woods were Cherry, and there were seven guitars to be built, so the project was named Cherry 7.

The guitars were debuted at the 2010 Montreal Guitar Show and we've included a link to a video taken at the debut. The Hart guitar appears around the 5:30 mark.

The Hart OO Cherry 7 guitar is built using Red Spruce for the top and bracing, Black Cherry for the back and sides, Hop Hornbeam for the fingerboard, headstock overlay and bridge plate, Cherry for the neck, head and tailblocks, Ebony for the binding and African Blackwood for the bridge. The rosette is Abalone. Black Sperzel tuners are used and the nut and saddle are bone. The scale length is 24.9 inches.

This unique guitar is in good condition, with a bit of play wear and a few small marks. A TKL hardshell case is included.

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