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2010 Veillette Acoustic Gryphon 12-String (SOLD)

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Joe Viellette has been playing and building instruments since the early 1970's. This exceptional instrument, a Viellette Acoustic Gryphon 12 tuned to high D unison, shows off his interests in tone and functionality.

The Viellette Acoustic Gryphon 12 is a professional grade instrument. This example features Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany back, sides and neck and rosewood for the fingerboard and bridge. The scale length is 18.5 inches, and the strings are .009 to .042 diameter - essentially light guage electric guitar strings. Unlike full size 12-string guitars, the strings are unison, not octaves for the lower four courses. It's tuned to a high D - the tenth fret of a regular-tuned guitar.

The neck is securely attached with a single bolt, hidden under the strap pin. There's never going to be an issue with neck angle using this design, and that means that a comfortable action is available.

The tuners are by Gotoh with faux amber buittons, and a D-Tar Timberline pickup system using two 9v batteries was installed as stock.

The finish is natural for the body and neck with a 'fernburst' shading on the top.

Then there's the sound. This is an incredible sounding instrument, with an open tone rich in high harmonics. I can think of many tunes that could use this.

An SKB hardshell case is included.

Visit the Viellette Guitars website to learn more about the Viellette Acoustic Gryphon 12!

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