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2010 Victor Petite Banjola by Edward Victor Dick SOLD

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Edward Victor Dick founded Ed's Music Workshop in Peterborough, Ontario - which closed in 2011 - and since 1995 has been building and teaching in Denver, Colorado, as EVD String Instruments and the Colorado School of Lutherie.

EVD String Instruments focuses on custom instruments, including the in-house designed Banjola, which is based on late 1900's instruments like the Pollman Mandoline-Banjo and the Banjo-Lute. The name Banjola started to appear around 1980.

Strung like a 5-string banjo but with a teardrop shaped mahogany body, this 19-inch scale nylon string Victor Petite Banjola is in excellent condition. It features mahogany for the top, back, sides and neck; the fingerboard is ebony with a frailing scoop under the 5th string, and the and heelcap binding are also ebony; the headplate and bridge appear to be Brazilian Rosewood. The tuners are gold-plated Grover Sta-Tites and a geared 5th string peg

The tone is clean, clear and crisp with plenty of warmth, and the action is light and clean.

A Superior gig bag is included. Visit the Banjola website to view the Victor Petite Banjola model here.

Visit the website and read more about the Victor Banjola line here!

Visit the Colorado School of Lutherie website here!

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