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2011 Fender Precision Bass 62 Reissue Sunburst SOLD

Price: CDN $1399
US Price: US $1114.12
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: V200965, neck date is July 22 2011, built in Corona, California USA.
The Fender Precision bass has been one of the most successful and influential musical instruments in history. This 62 Reissue recreates one of its milestone versions. This instrument was also one of the first, in 1957, with a production hum-cancelling pickup system, though the concept dates to the mid 1930's.

Built in Corona, California as part of the American Vintage series, this Fender Precision illustrates one of the quirks of bolt-together instrument construction - the neck is dated July 22 2011 but the body dates to March 12 2010! The bass is in very good condition with one small chip on the lower back edge near the strap pin. It is presently strung with flatwounds and set up fairly low. All case accessories are included in the original brown tolex case.

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