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2011 Gibson ES-137 Classic Blueburst Archtop (SOLD)

Price: CDN $1300
US Price: US $1035.28
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Class: Used
S/N: 12641710, dates to September 21 2011 at the Nashville Plant.
Introduced in Nashville during 2002, the Gibson ES-137 Classic is intended to combine two of Gibson's most successful designs - the resonance of the thinline archtop ES models, and the solidity of the Les Paul classic. However, this instrument is thicker than a thinline model, and uses mahogany instead of maple for the center block.

Bringing together the florentine cutaway, arch top body with the solid mahogany center block, and using most of the hardware from a Les Paul including the pickups, tune-a-matic bridge and stop tailpiece, the ES-137c Classic is a very versatile guitar.

This Gibson ES-137 Classic dates to September 21, 2011 and was built at Gibson's Nashville facility. It sports a very nice, non traditional blue burst finish in nitrocelluose lacquer and is in overall good condition. It has had a headstock repair and touchup, professionally done in our shop. The repair is hard to see, and is mostly visible only under strong lighting.

The original Gibson hardshell case is included.

Read more about the Gibson ES-137 Classic at the Gibson Website here!

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