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2011 Paul Beard Model R Squareneck Resophonic Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $2899
US Price: US $2308.67
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: N/A, dates to 2011.
This 2011 Beard Model R Mahogany is in excellent condition. Currently, the new discounted price for this instrument is $4390, so this is a great deal!

" The Beard R Model has taken the most desirable features of the Beard Vintage model guitar, including the open soundwell construction, and combined them with exclusive improvements in materials, construction, finishes, appointments and technical innovations. This creates a traditional instrument that has a perfectly balanced, full-bodied sound. These vibrant instruments are made of select solid tone woods that yield a clean, sweet tone. They produce a clear, crisp treble and a full, rich, warm bass, equally well suited for contemporary and traditional playing styles! "

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Visit the Paul Beard site and learn more about the Beard Mahogany R here!

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