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2011 Paul Beard R Model Squareneck Resophonic Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $2899
US Price: US $2308.67
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Class: Used
S/N: N/A; built during 2011 at the Beard shop in Hagerstown, Maryland.
Paul Beard builds many of the finest squareneck resonator guitars, like the Beard R Model, at his shop in Hagerstown, Maryland.


The Beard R model is designed for the player looking for the classic style and sound of the 1930s resonators. The Beard R Models, both standard and vintage, have a traditional body shape and open soundwell construction and feature all solid wood body, mahogany neck, curly maple binding and Beard's classic burst finish. Beard R Models feature Paul Beards handspun BC-1 Cone and a Beard Original #14™ spider, made from the same pattern and casting process that was used in the 30's.


The Beard R model is perfect for traditional playing; the smaller body produces a clear sustained high range balanced with a punchy growling bass end.


Dating to 2011, this Beard R model is in excellent condition and is supplied with a TKL case.


Visit the Paul Beard Guitars website to learn more about the Beard R Model and Vintage R model squareneck guitars!

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