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2012 Collings UT2 Ukulele Doghair Black (SOLD)

Price: CDN $2150
US Price: US $1712.19
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
The Collings UT2 Ukulele is a spectacular instrument. It's hard to imagine how these instruments could be improved upon.

The build construction is near perfect, the geometry is bang on so the action is very comfortable, and the tone is clear and crisp with a lot of warmth and responsiveness.

This 2012 Collings UT2 in the distinctive 'Doghair' black finish is in near-mint condition. While it's been played, it has also been extremely well cared for.

The tuners have the traditional friction-peg look - but they are geared tuners, providing fast and reliable tuning.

This instrument comes with the original Collings hardshell case.

Visit the Collings website and read about the Collings UT2 Ukulele here

We've attached a video of Douglas John Cameron playing this Collings UT2 so you can hear how it sounds!

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