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2012 Deering Vega Woodsongs Campfire Long Neck Banjo SOLD

Price: CDN $1790
US Price: US $1425.50
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
Here's something unusual, from the Deering Custom Shop - a Vega Woodsongs Campfire longneck model converted to a standard Deering 'Aught Six' cast bronze flathead tone ring and red maple rim.

This was done at great expense with the owner shipping it back to Deering for the conversion. The effect is to add mass with the bronze flathead ring - essentially creating the same voice and sustain as the Vega Tubaphone Pete Seeger model but at a third of the price!

This instrument was built in 2012 and is in excellent condition. The original Deering hardshell case is included.

Visit the Deering Vega website for more information on the Vega Woodsongs Campfire Long Neck Banjo!

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