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2012 Fender Classic 50s Telecaster SOLD

Price: CDN $670
US Price: US $533.57
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
The Fender Telecaster is arguably the most successful musical instrument design ever. For over nearly 65 years, the Telecaster has been produced without really significant modifications, though in almost countless variants.

This Fender Classic 50s Telecaster, built in 2012 in Fender's plant in Ensenada, Mexico, is a great example of the Telecaster design. Based on early 1950's models, it features an ash body and one-piece maple neck with a translucent blonde finish on the body. This guitar has had Di Marzio Area T noiseless pickups added, and the original pickups are included. For a case, a black Fender gig bag is included.

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