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2012 Gibson J-185 Blonde (SOLD)

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S/N: 10752001, dates to March 16, 2012 as production number 1, at the Gibson Acoustic plant in Bozeman, Montana.
In 1951, the Gibson J-185 appeared, designed to fit between the very popular slope-shoulder dreadnought Gibson J-45 and the legendary Gibson Super Jumbo J-200.

The Gibson J-185 rapidly became popular with rhythm guitarists, and was built until 1959. But, in 1957 another version - the J-180 - appeared as custom builds for Don and Phil Everly, the Everly Brothers. This used the same body outline, but was thinner and with a larger non-pin bridge with Maltese cross inlays, two large pickguards to protect the top from vigorous strumming styles like Don Everly's, and star position markers. The Everly Brothers was a production model from 1962 to 1972. Many people confuse the J-185 and the J-180, and from the front they have a very similar appearance, but they are different models.

The Gibson J-185 is currently out of production, but was built in Bozeman, Montana, and this example from 2012 was produced under the care of Ren Ferguson. It features a Sitka Spruce top and Eastern Maple for the back and sides, with mahogany for the neck and rosewood for the fingerboard and bridge. Split parallelogram position markers are done in mother of pearl. A Fishman Aura Pro pickup system was stock on these guitars.

I love handling these - they are wonderfully responsive with a great sound and are very playable. This guitar is an excellent example of the Gibson J-185, in very good condition, with only minor wear. It's been played enough to be opening up its tone, and it sounds just great as a strumming rhythm or fingerstyle guitar, with lots of clarity, articulation and projection. The original Gibson case by TKL is included.

Visit the Gibson Guitars website to learn more about the classic Gibson J-185!

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