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2012 Gibson SG 1961 Reissue Model Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $1699
US Price: US $1353.03
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 113220498, dates to May 11 2012 at the Gibson plant in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
The Gibson SG appeared in 1961, but as the Les Paul model, which wasn't selling in its original design. By 1963, the name changed too.

Made from mahogany with an Indian Rosewood fingerboard, the Gibson SG 61 reissue model looks and feels much like the original, though the fingerboard is a bit wider and the frets a bit larger to accomodate modern tastes. These guitars are very much rock and roll machines!

This example dates to May 11, 2012 at the Gibson Nashville plant. It's in great condition with only the very slightest wear.

The original hardshell case is included.

Visit the Gibson Guitars website to learn more about the current Gibson SG 61 Reissue models!

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