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2012 Larrivee A-33 Mandolin SOLD

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The Larrivee A-33 mandolin is based on the classic A-style instrument introduced by Orville Gibson in the closing days of the 19th century, merging the mandolin with violin features and construction techniques.

Traditional European mandolins had flat tops and bowl backs, similar to lutes, and didn't have a lot of volume. Gibson applied the violin's carved top and back to the mandolin, which significantly increased the instrument's volume and projection. Virtually all mandolins now use this concept.

There are two main variations on this - the A-Style mandolin, with a teardrop shape, and the F-style, with an extended upper bout ending in a scroll on the bass side. While both are interchangeably used, the A-Style is more often found in Celtic and folk music, while the F-Style is at home in country and bluegrass styles.

Larrivee is best known for its high quality steel string guitars, but at times has produced mandolins. The Larrivee A-33 A-Style mandolin is built of top-quality woods, with a carved spruce top, carved flame maple back, and flame maple for the sides and neck. The fingerboard and bridge are ebony. The metal parts are gold-plated and the tuners have faux pearl buttons.

Built around 2012, this Larivee A-33 is in good condition with some play wear.

The original hardshell case is included.

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